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hank's journey

Henry “Hank” Carpenter was diagnosed with stage four high-risk Neuroblastoma shortly after his second birthday in February 2020. He began receiving care here in the Bay Area, but soon, he had exhausted all resources, and his cancer was still progressing. His family relocated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City in January 2021. Since diagnosis, he has undergone many rounds of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell collection, an intensive radiation treatment called MIBG, and major surgery to extract the primary tumor.

His older siblings and his dad stayed home in Hayward while he and his mom lived in New York City. It was tough for their family, and in December 2022, They were so excited to find out that he was cancer-free! He began a vaccine trial at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital and would be continuously monitored by flying back and forth. Around Valentine’s Day 2023, they received devastating news that cancer was again found during one of Hank’s scans. He just completed another brain surgery and is currently receiving treatment at UCSF. His treatment plan is currently unknown, but he is a fighter, and his family is rallying around him!




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